Kary Mullis, galardonado premio nobel por la invención del test PCR, negaba la capacidad diagnóstica del test.

Esto fue lo que dijo el inventor de los test PCR, Kary Mullis, sobre la utilidad de las pruebas con las que intentan justificar la pandemia. Ahora, que te venga alguien a decirte que no dijo que no servían para medir carga viral.

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  • La verdad no tiene ningun poder.

    Premios nobeles que crearon una técnica, diciendo que esa técnica no funciona para lo que la están usando.

    Y da igual, siguen con sus confinamientos, violaciones de derechos humanos .

    La Ley 3/2020 publicada el sábado 18 de septiembre permite la entrada en domicilios por el mero incumplimiento de una orden de la administración para imponer su ejecución forzosa.


    Si tienes un proceso judicial, no puedes ir al juzgado, debes llamar a teléfonos para pedir cita previa, y esos teléfonos siempre comunican.

    Los juicios (Salvo penales graves), no permitirán la presencia de las partes (Acusado).

    No podras estar en el juicio donde te condenen.

    La verdad, sin poder, no es nada.

    Es necesario alguien que se opongo a todo esto, con poder.


  • I have just seen , seconds before, the lecture he did on its Nobel price award.

    Nice, so nice.

    And after, I have seen what the dogs of the system, told about him:

    Newtral: https://www.newtral.es/bulo-coronavirus-inventor-pcr-kary-mullis/20200803/

    The language is the tool to control the perception.

    First, “NO”, after, a coma “,” seaming a ‘nice and good people is telling you something.

    And after, when the mind is directed with this emotional tool, comes:

    “no, kary Mullis did not say that PCR is not ussefull for this,,,,,,”.

    But they, do NOT put the video.

    You, yes, and the audio.

    I remember a book about WWII, wrote by a British Writer.

    Excuse me if I do not remember full OK, but in a sense, the writer wrote that the elite, the ruler, of a country, literally, terrified, terrorise, its own people, of their own country.

    Exactly, this is what I see and feel now, not only in spain (Where power has become absolutly insane, destructor of any science, human right, logic), but on australia, on UK.

    ¿Why on all west country we see this?

    Well, just wanted to put on the table your video, and the newtral (That is, spain police) post.

    Thanks for being here.


    We are facing not months, but years of hard and monstruous atacks on all civilization.

    Many, many, years, and I am affraid that many could not stand so much on this war.

    On 1995 I started a similar war against the gender agenda.

    Full of lies, from ONU (Like here, OMS), to the last of our politics, lawyers, or newspapers.

    Montruous lies, about children killed, for instance.

    No problem, they, after 4, 8, 10 years, have achieved their goal.

    The ‘gender reality’, is on all universities, on all politics, on all judes, on all police, on all newspapers.

    ¿Any Body remember a man called Murray Arnold Straus?,,,,,,, no one.
    ¿Any one remember a women called Erin Pizzey?,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, no one.
    ¿Daphne Patai (The Theory′s Empire)?,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, no one.
    ¿Martin S. Fiebert (many, many good and deep work)?,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    On 2025, the year signed by the world-bank, we, you, I, Natalia prego, the Germans, the Argentine doctors, the Austrians, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    No one should knew who was, I am afraid, very afraid.

    A nightmare , sorry.